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I’m Sad About the R.E.M. Break Up

R.E.M. broke up. 


For a lot of people, R.E.M. ended back in 1997 when drummer Bill Berry left the band, but I’m not one of those people. I soldiered on through the next fourteen years as both an apologist (“Guys, come on ‘Around the Sun’ has some great songs”) and a honest advocate for a band that, in my opinion, was being harshly criticized for some truly excellent work (Late period records like ‘Up’ and last year’s ‘Collapse Into Now’ are worthy entries in a pretty stacked top to bottom catalog). 


R.E.M. has broken up. 


I never thought about it happening and certainly never thought about how I would react to the news. I mean, they’ve been around, seemingly, forever -certainly, for my entire life- and their best days were more than likely behind them. It’s just, I never envisioned a world without them. So when I saw the headline on the AVClub this afternoon, “R.E.M. announces breakup,” I didn’t expect to get all misty. That’s exactly what happened. By the time I went into my itunes, however, to cue up “How the West Was Won and Where It Got Us” -the opening track from one of my favorite R.E.M. records, “New Adventures in Hi-Fi”- I knew I would lose it. And lose it I did. 


It may seem silly to some to have such an attachment to a band. An elusive…thing. An indefinable almost invisible entity that you’ll never touch, never know on a level outside of records and songs, but I did and I still do. A lot of people love music as much as I do. Many people love music more than I do (not many, but some) and even though their tastes, like mine, probably cover a wide spectrum and include hundreds of beloved bands, all of us still have that one. That first band. The one that changed it all. This goes, I’d imagine, double for those of us who never graduated to actually playing music and lived our lives as what Nick Hornby once described as “professional appreciators.” As I’m sure you can glean, for me, that band was R.E.M.


I came to R.E.M. at a young age thanks to a particularly cool cousin of mine name Ann Marie who babysat me as a kid and who is as devastated today by this news as I am. I was single digits in age when they were introduced to me, so it goes without saying I wasn’t appreciating R.E.M. for their groundbreaking work in American Rock ‘n Roll or for basically being the reason the term “college rock” was coined. Nope. I liked R.E.M. because Michael Stipe sang really fast on “It’s the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine).”  But, that’s all it took. As I got older, R.E.M. was always around. I have a vivid memory of heading to Rockaway Sounds on the day ‘Out Of Time’ was released to get it. I was ten! Of course, I also bought C+C Music Factory’s “Gonna Make You Sweat” at the same time, but that’s beside the point. 


From the moment I first heard “End of the World” R.E.M. informed every choice I made musically, sometimes indirectly, but always. I bought records by bands that Michael Stipe liked, which is how I became the only 7th grader obsessed with Big Star. I bought records based on reviews that mentioned even the slightest comparison to my favorite band, which is how I became the only 8th grader with a copy of ‘Slanted and Enchanted.’ But, more than that I devoured R.E.M. records for my entire life. I have loved them unconditionally for that long and probably took for granted that they’d always be around. Now they’re not. 


R.E.M. have been the soundtrack to my life. That won’t stop (I’m one of the people buying all those reissues of I.R.S. records after all), but it won’t be the same. There won’t be any more R.E.M. records. No new R.E.M. memories. No more R.E.M. shows. 


By the time I was of early concert going age, R.E.M. hadn’t been touring. I just missed the ‘Green’ tour -though I had “Tourfilm” to compensate- and they famously didn’t tour on ‘Out of Time’ and ‘Automatic For the People.’ I was lucky enough, however to see them twice on the ‘Monster’ tour, so I saw them when they were still Berry, Buck, Mills, Stipe and I’ll cherish that. Post Berry, I’ve seen them a bunch. I found out I would be a godfather to Ann Marie’s son at a stop on the ‘Up’ tour at the outdoor Jones Beach Theater and stuck around through a two hour rain delay (complete with lightning striking the theater) at the same venue years later on the ‘Accelerate’ tour with my friend Janet.


It’s fitting, in retrospect, that the last R.E.M. show I will probably ever see took place at Madison Square Garden (the first place I ever saw them) and that I saw it with my cousin Ann Marie. It was just the two of us and it was a perfect show. They even played “Disturbance at the Heron House,” my favorite R.E.M. song (I won’t talk about how I jumped up and squealed like a teenager when it started). I’m saddened by this fact, but also comforted that I was able to be there and that I’ll always have that memory.


It may seem silly to be mourning a band who a lot of people stopped paying attention to a long time ago. All I can say is, for me, that’s what being a fan is about. You just go with it. You want to love it all, so you do. It’s not that hard, really. 


I guess I’ll say goodbye for now to my favorite band. A band I owe a lot to. A band that I love above all others. A band that has guided me through every phase of my life. As Ann Marie texted to me earlier today, “It’s the end of an era, man.” That it is. 

2010 Playlists ya’ll

Here they are! You’ve been waiting! (You haven’t been waiting). 2010 is all but over, but the music lives on (Shut up, Pat). So here they are - the three definitive (they’re not definitive - “Runaway” isn’t even on one) playlists for the year. You can’t download them or anything (I have no idea how to do that) but you can make them if you want. (You can). They’re great (they are). And remember, kids, sequencing is important.

In other news there are four other essential playlists and they are as follows.

Majesty Shredding by Superchunk

Sir Lucious Left Foot The Son Of Chico Dusty by Big Boi

Body Talk by Robyn


My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye


Disc One:

1.) “Digging For Something” - Superchunk

2.) “High Pressure Low” - Against Me!

3.) “Fuck You” - Cee-Lo Green

4.) “hahahaha jk?” - Das Racist

5.) “Big Wave” - Jenny and Johnny

6.) “Desire Lines” - Deerhunter

7.) “Odessa” - Caribou

8.) “Yamaha” - The Dream

9.) “Call Your Girlfriend” - Robyn

10.) “Hustle Blood” - Big Boi and Jamie Foxx

11.) “Later On” - Kate Nash

12.) “You Are Not Alone” - Mavis Staples

13.) “Heartache” - Jamey Johsnon

14.) “Only Prettier” - Miranda Lambert

15.) “Burden of Tomorrow” - The Tallest Man On Earth

16.) “The Weekenders” - The Hold Steady

17.) “Bloodbuzz Ohio” - The National

18.) “Early Warnings” - Love Is All

Disc Two:

1.) “Live In Dreams” - Wild Nothing

2.) “Silver Soul” - Beach House

3.) “Angela Surf City” - The Walkmen

4.) “I’m Not In Love” - Crystal Castles with Robert Smith

5.) “Ready To Start” - Arcade Fire

6.) “If You Let Me” - JP, Chrissie and the Fairground Boys

7.) “Bring It On” - The Gaslight Anthem

8.) “Jail La La” - Dum Dum Girls

9.) “Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk” - The New Pornographers

10.) “Real Love” - Delorean

11.) “Come With Me” - ceo

12.) “You Ain’t No DJ” - Big Boi and Yelawolf

13.) “Younger Us” - Japandroids

14.) “Dancing On My Own” - Robyn

15.) “OMG” - Usher

16.) “Come Alive (War Of the Roses)” - Janelle Monae

17.) “Drumming For Pistols” - Puerto Muerto

18.) “Peace Signs” - Sharon Van Etten

Disc Three:

1.) “Ambling Alp” - Yeasayer

2.) “Swim” - Surfer Blood

3.) “Chicago Train” - The Besnard Lakes

4.) “Family Tree” - Lohio

5.) “Girlfriend” - Ty Segall

6.) “Boyfriend” - Best Coast

7.) “A/B Machines” - Sleigh Bells

8.) “Fever Dreaming” - No Age

9.) “Good Intentions Paving Company” - Joanna Newsom

10.) “Tightrope” - Janelle Monae

11.) “Round and Round” - Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti

12.) “Sprawl II” - Arcade Fire

13.) “Monster” - Kanye 

14.) “I Can Change” - LCD Soundsystem

15.) “What’s My Name?” - Rihanna and Drake

16.) “You Put a Smell On Me” - Matthew Dear

17.) “Carolina” - Girls

Rocky Horror Glee

As a HUGE fan of both Rocky Horror Picture Show and Glee I can safely say that last night’s “Rocky Horror Glee Show” was a HUGE disappointment. I’m not gonna get into it all that much, but I have to ask, what the fuck is “bed fretting?” I understand the lyric changes to an extent (No, I don’t. Not really.) but that doesn’t even make sense. As annoying as replacing “transexual” with “sensational” was at least “sensational” is a word that people know. Is “bed fretting” a thing? If it is (it’s not) than certainly it’s worse then “seat wetting,” no? 

Today’s Playlist

Here are ten songs you should listen to today, for no particular reason other than that they’re great.

1.) “The Thrill Of It All” - Roxy Music

2.) “I’m Not in Love” - Crystal Castles and Robert Smith (which can be found here)

3.) “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall” (The Rolling Thunder Review version)  -Bob Dylan

4.) “Prove It All Night” - Bruce Springsteen

5.) “Cry When You Get Older” - Robyn

6.) “You Don’t Shock Me Anymore” - Cee-Lo

7.) “You Are Not Alone” - Mavis Staples

8.) “Learn To Surf” - Superchunk

9.) “Geno” - Dexy’s Midnight Runners

10.) “Angela Surf City” - The Walkmen

The latest episode of Tiny Apartment, a webseries I do with Mike O’ Gorman and Jessie Cantrell. It’s funny.

Oh Deb, I’ll miss you most of all.

Oh Deb, I’ll miss you most of all.

I can’t stop listening to this song. It’s called “Slow Drip” The whole record is amazing, but this song. I just can’t stop. Buy this record if you like things that are great.  Superchunk. Majesty Shredding.

I’m a little late, but here goes…TEEN MOM FINALE

-I’m so sad Teen Mom is over. So sad. I want it to be on forever. I have this hope that it becomes the new version of the 7 Up series and we continue to check in with our new friends every couple of years at the very least. I guess I’m going to have to find new things to blog about. Maybe Life Unexpected.

-OK, so I’m going to start with Catelynn and Tyler. I can’t even…they are the most thoughtful, likable, amazingly grounded, put together, smart, charming etc etc etc people in the entire history of reality television. I want for them so bad. I want them to have everything. The odds that these kids have beaten, the people they’ve become - it’s just extraordinary. Reality TV is so often about watching train wrecks and negativity but Tyler and Catelynn have transcended that. I love them like I know them.

-Having said all of that, I have no jokes for their reunion with Carly. It was amazing television. It was sweet and poignant and true. I loved it. If there’s an Emmy for best moment in reality TV, then this should win it. It was fantastic storytelling. It made me laugh, it made me cry yada, yada, yada. It felt like we were witnessing something. It was just great.

-BUT are the people who adopted Carly Mormon?

-Tyler and Catelynn are also such a mature couple. They TALK about everything. They keep nothing back. That’s why I honestly believe they will be together forever. That scene in the car when Tyler explains the moment he knew he wanted to be with Catelynn forever was so fucking adorable and her reaction…Oh man!

-No one, and I mean NO ONE, thinks more things are “crazy” than Tyler.

-I love Tyler’s mom. Love her. She’s so wonderful. But, that hair. Yikes. She needs to pay a visit to Tino.

-Farrah has conversations with Sophia as if Sophia were an adult who understands her. It’s a great juxtaposition to when Debra talks to Sophia like she’s a toy.

-Dear Farrah, Julian is gay, also he’s wearing those loose fitting black v-necks to disguise a gut. Love, Pat.

-Re: Julian - “He seems chill” says Kristina. “Shut up, Kristina” says me.

-Deb looks like ET when her hair is wet.

-I loved Julian’s reaction to Farrah’s desire to eat Peanut Butter and Bacon toast. Go back and watch it. He flips out. “PEANUT BUTTER AND BACON TOAST!!!” CRAZY!!!

-Maci should always wear glasses.

-All told, Maci’s story interests me the least. Apparently it interests RAHN the least as well since he’s always fucking yawning. Ryan, if you want the lawyer to take you seriously during mediation don’t yawn! I actually think if Maci didn’t give in, he wouldn’t have gotten the other day.

-I disagree with Maci’s decision to stay in Nashville. That’s all.

-I know I’ve talked about Maci’s hair color before but seriously what the fuck is that shit! Come on! I guarantee it’s why Maci’s hair is thin and unhealthy looking.

-Is there any question that Maci and RAHN get back together. I mean, it’s a done deal right?

-Which brings us to the main event - Amber vs. Gary.

-First off, Gary if you’re ever interested in dating again NEVER let perspective girlfriends see you swing a baseball bat. Just a thought.

-I wanna say this about Gary - without question he has grown the most through this process. I actually like him now. I do think he’s committed to being a good dad to Leah.

-Speaking of Leah, her reaction to Chris was top notch and totally warranted. Even a tiny baby knows that dude’s creepy.

-And oh my god, is that dude creepy. So fucking creepy. Everything about him. It’s like he slinks.

-Gary flipping out about Chris changing Leah was totally one hundred percent correct. I was thinking the same thing when they showed him dressing her. Amber is not adept at mothering. I’m not saying she won’t get there, but right now she’s not very good at it.

-“You’re better than that, Amber.” says Chris. “Uhm, no she’s not.” says me.

-What was that discoloration around Amber’s mouth? Is that a waxing thing?

-Oh and also

Teen Mom, Teen Mom, Teen Mom!!!

I think next week is the finale which makes me so sad, I can’t even tell you. But before we mourn the loss of the best show on tv let’s get to last night shall we…

-First, this has to begin by discussing Amber’s date with that guy, Chris. Ok. Give me a second…Ok. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Fuck! O!M!G! Are you serious about this Amber? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Gross! Gross! Gross!
-Now, Amber you’re the worst and I should expect this from you but REALLY? This guy? Is this not the creepiest person to ever be on television? Correct me if I’m wrong but they just met, right? “When I met you that was the happiest day of my life” Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I have no words. Amber, he is going to kill you. He’s going to take you a motel, tie you up, shave your head, eat your hair, kill you and then lay with your corpse in the bathtub while he cries.
-I used to think that she couldn’t do worse than GEAR-EE and that she needed to get out of that toxic relationship, but if these are the guys she’s going to go for well then GEAR-EE’s like fucking Gaston. A fat Gaston, but still.
-Also, to all you moms out there as soon as the guy you might be interested in tells you he’s still, currently, basically in jail - that’s probably something you don’t want your baby to have to deal with.

-I felt really bad for GEAR-EE last night. I think I had him all wrong. I hated this guy, and a lot of the time he deserved it, but over the past two weeks I’ve grown fond of him. I’m also placing the florist scene in the pantheon of great Teen Mom scenes - right up there with Sophia running her hand under the hot water.

-Dear Maci, what fucking color is your hair? Love, Pat.

-Speaking of Maci, Kyle’s “What the fuck did I get myself into” meter went from zero to two hundred million in record time, huh?

-And speaking of Kyle. Fuck you, you ugly shit. Listen, I always thought Maci was making a bad decision by going to Nashville for him but this dude begged her to come and then two weeks in got fed up and walked out. Who do you think you are? I know she’s sporting some hideous back ink and quite often it looks as though she dyed her hair with Care Bear vomit, but as far as hotness goes, that Quasimodo face of yours ain’t doing any better. You stepped in shit, my friend.

-Oh, Farrah. Poor, poor Farrah. She makes me so sad and as gorgeous as she is, oooooof that cry face. Not pretty.

-I want to go on a tour of all the diners, coffee shops etc that Tyler and Catelynn go to when they need to talk about stuff. I’ll bet “talking about stuff in restaurants” is in their facebook “interests” sections. I love them.

-Do you think Teen Mom fans who need lawyers are now saying “Get me, Jacobmeir!?” I really hope so.

-”I’m going on a date with a guy I met at Wall Mart.” Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

-April is so frustrating to watch, mostly because of her meth face and tendency to wear what are clearly Marlboro miles baseball caps but also because she’s the worst. She acts less like Catelynn’s mom and more like her frenemy. Is that still a term people use?

-One last thing about Amber and Chris’ date, I just went through my notes on the episode (yes, I take notes) and it just says “This is fucking nuts.” That about sums it up.

Oh and this…

Teen Mom

-Maci takes both of the two syllabled names “Kyle” and “Ryan” and makes each one syllable. It’s remarkable. “Kale!” “Raan!”

-The shot of Amber and her other mother friend fake fighting while both of their babies sat swinging in the wind seems to be metaphorical of how these babies’ lives will progress.

-Speaking of Amber - Yikes! Right? I would say Amber is by a long shot the worst mother on this show not named “Catelynn’s Mom” but I somehow fear that she’ll see it, find me, yell into mouth and punch me in the face multiple times.

-I never fail to laugh when “John Jacobmeir” is mentioned on this show. And also, John Jacobmeir you’re a lawyer! Put on a suit for goodness sake.

-Amber says, and I’m paraphrasing, “I’m pissed that GEAR-EE made me feel like a bad mom cuz I don’t have sheets on Leah’s bed.” Well, Amber let’s think about this for a minute, no a second rather…JUST PUT FUCKING SHEETS ON THE BED, YOU DICK!

-I can’t believe I’m siding with GEAR-EE, but I am. Also, it’s creepy how much he looks like his mother.

-I respect Tyler’s desire to be a psychiatrist - the only psychiatrist in ridiculously oversized white baseball hats. 

-Having said that, Catelynn and Tyler! Jeez. I love them so much. I’m so proud of them. I know they didn’t graduate but they will.  And on that note, Catelynn when your mother drinks Twisted Tea out of twenty four ounce cans just the fact that you’re in high school is a real triumph.

-Of course Catelynn has a friend named “Starr.”

-When Kassy’s baby reached out to hug Sophia, I about died. Adorable.

-Oh and this…